Leadership & staff under young fresh minds.

Who ever said that young people can’t be leaders? Well here is one of our huge secrets; Fountain of Joy Schools takes a huge pride, by being under the leadership of young minds. We have developed a unique structure which runs under the managerial abilities of the new generation business schemes. Their fresh drive, wisdom,...
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Tired of ‘the old & normal’ school routines? So are we!

We have to accept the fact our children can no longer live similarly to the old times where school schedules felt like jail routines; (wake up, go to class, Eat, Sleep- Repeat!), not if we want them to stand a chance in such a fast-growing, competitive, Science & Technology globe. It is psychologically quite damaging...
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Day-schooling couldn’t be any less affordable.

Day-Schooling is one integral part of our industry. One of our major daily objective is to make sure your son/daughter, is at all times 100% safe. We can’t gamble with your child’s life. Knowing this, Fountain of Joy has your child watched over through every minute spent under our care; from the second they come...
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This could be your own world kid! Yours alone.

One of the most contradicting position that most parents find themselves in at a certain time is whether or not it is right to send a child to a boarding school or let the child receive that perfect education from home.” Its contradicting because after many years of research, children’s psychologists have come to a...
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Study like it’s the 21st Century!

From high tech digitals to the most recent library and laboratory facilities ran through various computerized systems; Fountain of Joy has got it all. We strongly believe in Aliko Dangote’s strong agricultural philosophy, “Any farmer is as good as his tools,” by correlating this similar policy to the educational arena i.e. “Any student is as...
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