Tired of ‘the old & normal’ school routines? So are we!

We have to accept the fact our children can no longer live similarly to the old times where school schedules felt like jail routines; (wake up, go to class, Eat, Sleep- Repeat!), not if we want them to stand a chance in such a fast-growing, competitive, Science & Technology globe.

It is psychologically quite damaging as it may deject a child’s ability to innovate or even worse, deteriorate a child’s propensity to socialize and mingle with his/her peers (after all, there won’t be anything new to talk about anyway). As a result, to that type of school life, the community has had to receive unconfident cohorts, sterile leaders, and a large sum of elites without any of the unique competitive advantages.

Having known this and after years of thorough study & experience, Fountain of Joy schools has found the solution for that! With us, school can never be boring! We have found a unique way to integrate a child’s natural ability and the pursuit of academic excellence.

The recent psychological developments suggest that every child has a unique ability to learn. Our educators (including coaches, teachers & guardians) are trained in a way of figuring out and extract that inner dimension in a child to bring out his/her best potential. This unique way of teaching has proven extremely successful after 13 years of proper study and research. Don’t worry, it is our responsibility to make this work for your child, you will be surprised!

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