This could be your own world kid! Yours alone.

One of the most contradicting position that most parents find themselves in at a certain time is whether or not it is right to send a child to a boarding school or let the child receive that perfect education from home.” Its contradicting because after many years of research, children’s psychologists have come to a conclusion that the words ‘Perfect Education’ & ‘Home’ simply cannot be in the same sentence.

Most parents would disagree with this and the reasons are quite obvious. ‘Home away from Home’ has been quite impossible to create. Well, not until Fountain of Joy schools! Years of research have taught us that children, growing from different types of background find settling in a new environment quite challenging, only but for one reason, Comfortability. Regardless of its subjective aspect; we have found a way to make this very possible in such a way that “Home away from Home” is absolutely possible!! Here are some unique values invested in our boarding ‘sons & daughters’.

  • We teach our kids how to be Independent in a way that would enhance their self-management skills.
  • Develop their Culture. Fountain has found it’s unique total way of Life! Derived from the pure African context, these unique norms aim to create a patriotic heart for their nation and race whilst customizing your child’s public relational skills.
  • Fountain’s Boarding creates leaders; our programs are designed in such a way that a child develops abilities to lead themselves, but most importantly others too.
  • Raising a responsible generation with disciplined characters.
  • Talent Development & Enhancement. It is our responsibility to help

    your child find themselves.

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